Employer / Recruiters FAQ's

Who should register?

Cloud Solution Companies & Cloud ISVs looking forward to hiring cloud computing specialists & professionals having expertise on cloud platforms like (AWS, Azure, GCP, Salesforce, etc) for full-time, contractual & remote work. We welcome you to create an account with us, If your candidate profile & experience match any of these mentioned below:

  • Cloud Application Developer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud API Specialist
  • Cloud Automation Engineer
  • Cloud Analytics Engineer
  • Cloud Data Scientist
  • Cloud Data Engineer
  • Cloud Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Cloud Migration Specialist
  • Cloud Monitoring Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • (ML) Machine Learning Specialist
  • (AI) Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Specialist
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Storage Specialist

Why you should create an account with us?

Some of the reasons why you should create your company/employer account with us:

  1. Quickly search from hundreds of cloud computing professionals profiles.
  2. Advance dashboard to manage Job posts, Company profile, Applicants resumes, Saved candidates & much more.
  3. Our InstaMatch feature will suggest candidates as per your open job posting requirement, you can check suggested candidates right from your dashboard.
  4. We provide unique filters like Cloud Job Role, Cloud Platform Expertise, Certification Status, OS Expertise only for cloud talent to search them easily, some of the same filters work while searching for jobs by the candidate.
  5. Shortlist, Reject & Message candidates right from your dashboard for specific job posts.
  6. Receive unlimited job applications, we do not put a limit on how many candidates can apply to your job in job posting duration.
  7. Get notifications when someone applies to your job.
  8. You will get your own company profile page with a custom URL. You can also upload the company logo, company photos, social media pages link, cover background & much more.
  9. Add all your recruitment team from your dashboard, you can add a new admin & hide certain features like billing & transactions details, add recruiters who can add job posts & simultaneously search candidates and fill many job positions quickly.
  10. ATS built-in, Keep track of all the job applicants in one single account.
  11. Bulk download all applicants CVs in Excel sheet format or PDF zip file to be used by your organization.

What I can do with my account?

Some solid features for companies, employers & recruiters they can use right from their dashboard.

  1. Post job opening’s in your company or the company you are hiring for.
  2. Receive unlimited candidate’s applications for your jobs*.
  3. Quickly review, Shortlist, or Reject candidate applications.
  4. Save candidate’s profile for later review.
  5. Manage your Company profile**
    1. Get a dedicated company profile page.
    2. Get a custom company profile page URL.
    3. Add an account member to handle your profile. ( you can also grant certain roles only).
    4. Showcase your company team members with Title, Experience, Photo, Social media links & a Short description.
    5. Showcase company awards (upload title & image/logos).
    6. Showcase company affiliations (upload title & image/logos)(best for recruitment agencies working for brand companies).
    7. Hide/Show the company page for public view.
    8. Link website & social media pages.
    9. Manage company address & location (shown on Google Map).
    10. Respond to candidate’s reviews.
  6. See application statistics.
  7. See company followers.

*depends upon how many candidates will apply to your job post.
**part of a company branding package

Why my account is not approved yet?

In most cases, your account should be instantaneously approved. But if not, here are some possible reasons why:

  1. Your important profile details are not yet completed. Try to fill all the important details in your account dashboard.
  2. You are creating a duplicate profile. In case you cannot access your account try resetting your password. If you still face any problem reach us from the contact us page.
  3. If you created a fake account with fake details.
  4. If you are impersonating any person profile.
  5. You are an employer or accidentally created a candidate profile.

Why I cannot access my account?

Some of the reasons your profile might temporarily get disabled:

  1. You put the wrong password too many times, it blocked you temporarily. You should be able to access your account again after 1-2 hrs. You can also get support from our contact us page.
  2. If you are impersonating any other company profile or a brand.
  3. If you created a fake account & we cannot verify your details.
  4. You are creating too many duplicate profiles. If in case you cannot access your account try resetting your password. If you still face any problem reach us from the contact us page.
  5. Your important profile details are not yet completed. Try to fill all the important details in your account dashboard.
  6. You are a candidate or accidentally created an employer profile.
  7. You spammed our website with irrelevant content, posts & links.
  8. You are unethically trying to get data.

Can I add more people to manage my account, applicants & jobs?

Absolutely yes!

You can add account members, set their email & password & grant them role-based access on your profile. This feature becomes handy when you want to add recruiters to post & manage jobs, search and save candidates on behalf of your company requirements.

I am not from India, can I post my job here?

Only if your company also have a presence in India and you are hiring for India location.

We will soon be operational in other countries as well, you can create your account with us & post your job to our country-specific websites. This helps us in keeping companies & candidates data segregated. Still want to hire candidates from a specific country. Then feel free to Contact Us for your requirements.

To visit the below sites, you must be accessing them from the country itself, otherwise, you will be Geo-Redirected to your own country website instead.

  1. USA: https://us.cloudjobs.guru/
  2. UK: “coming soon”
  3. Australia: “coming soon”
  4. Canada: “coming soon”