Jobseeker FAQ's

Who should register?

This platform is dedicated to cloud computing specialists & professionals having expertise on various cloud platforms(AWS, Azure, GCP, Salesforce, etc). We welcome you to create an account with us, If your work profile & experience match any of these mentioned below:

  • Cloud Application Developer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud API Specialist
  • Cloud Automation Engineer
  • Cloud Analytics Engineer
  • Cloud Data Scientist
  • Cloud Data Engineer
  • Cloud Database Administrator (DBA)
  • Cloud Migration Specialist
  • Cloud Monitoring Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • (ML) Machine Learning Specialist
  • (AI) Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Specialist
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Storage Specialist

Why create an account with us?

Some of the reasons why you should create your jobseeker account with us:

  1. Greate exposure to your profile among Cloud ISV’s & Cloud solution companies.
  2. Cloud Jobs Guru is an exclusive platform for cloud talent & with our InstaMatch feature, employers find it very convenient to find cloud experts profile all at one place, it saves them a lot of time in reviewing & contacting the relevant job seekers.
  3. We provide unique filters like Cloud Job Role, Cloud Platform Expertise, Certification Status only for cloud talent to search them easily, the same filters work while searching for jobs.
  4. You will find all cloud job opportunities in one place, not only this, but you will also be notified of any new job post listed on our website.
  5. No more continuous attachment of CV & copying pasting of cover letters, make your profile only once & just start applying for jobs & contacting employers, on one-click will instantaneously share your CV & profile both.
  6. Our resume builder helps you quickly create a professional-looking profile.
  7. You will get your own profile page with a custom URL.
  8. Get notified when an employer saves your profile.
  9. Create & manage your job alerts right from your dashboard. You can even delete them when not needed.
  10. Hide profile whenever you want.
    (Note: hiding profile will make your profile completely invisible all employers & they then cannot contact you for new job opportunities).
  11. Keep track of your all job applications.

What is a Profile Score?

In your dashboard, you see a % number circle border around your profile photo, which is a current profile score for your account. The more details added to your account, the more score your profile has. Click the “Complete Profile” button below the suggestion to know the exact % award for each completion.

It is also color-coded:-

  1.  A red circle around your pic means your score is between 0 to 25%.
  2. An orange circle around your pic means your score is between 26% to 50%.
  3. A blue circle around your pic means your score is between 51% to 75%.
  4. A green circle around your pic means your score is between 76% to 100%.

A simple rule is, if your profile score is below 30%, that means your profile is incomplete and will not be visible in candidate search results to companies.

If your profile score is below 80%, you cannot apply for jobs on our platform.

For your every detail, we have a filter that narrows down the search for the employer when they search for candidates, also all the details will instantaneously be shared with the employer (except on external job links) along with your CV and cover letter when you apply for their jobs.

Why my account is not approved yet?

Some of the reasons your profile might not get approved:

  1. It’s not a Cloud job-based profile(see above), including profiles like PHP developer, WordPress developer, Independent Python, Django developers, etc. If you think your profile should be approved, please mention the cloud platform & a cloud job role, we will re-consider it.
  2. Your important profile details are not yet completed. Try to fill all the important details in your account dashboard.
  3. You are creating a duplicate profile. In case you cannot access your account try resetting your password. If you still face any problem reach us from the contact us page.
  4. If you created a fake account & we cannot verify your details.
  5. If you are impersonating any other person profile.
  6. You are an employer or accidentally created a candidate profile.

My account is approved but not visible to employers.

Your profile score is below 30%, check if a red circle showing around your photo in the dashboard. Complete the details as suggested below your profile pic.

I cannot apply for jobs, why?

Your profile score is below 80%, check if an orange or blue circle showing around your photo in the dashboard. Complete the details as suggested below your profile pic.

How to save time by uploading a CV & making a cover letter in advance.

In your dashboard, click “My Resume” from the left side. You will see there is an option to add a cover letter content there, create an amazing letter template, scroll down and save the form.

Now whenever you apply for jobs on our platform, you will see your template there, edit if you want while applying, or just click “Apply”.

Do you charge money to create a Job-seeker account?

No! we do not. It’s completely FREE to create a candidate/jobseeker account & applying for jobs with us. Moreover, we provide tons of features like Candidate dedicated profile page, Auto resume builder, Download CV as PDF, Upload CV, Hide profile feature when not searching for jobs, View/Manage job applications, Employer/Candidate direct communication, Create/Delete job alerts, One-click job apply & more.

We may introduce in future some additional professional services or added platform features on our site for candidates which may require some small fee, but be assure keeping your account & applying for jobs will always be FREE on CJG.

Do you charge money for placement?

No! Cloud Jobs Guru registered entities, any of its staff, authorized personnel, or associates neither online nor offline charge money from candidates to place them in any company or so.

If anyone using our brand name, or company representatives asks you money to get you placed in any company, it is strictly advisable not give them any. Also, our team took special care in approving employers or companies creating their accounts with us, it’s totally up to you how to respond if any one of them communicates with you for their opening job positions, we do not take any part in your placement. Cloud Jobs Guru or any of its officials does not take any responsibility for any fraudulent being done to you in such cases.

Do you take placement guarantee?

No! Cloud Jobs Guru is a job talent solution & a job aggregator platform,  dedicated to bringing together cloud experts & cloud solution companies on the same platform. Our solution gives more exposure to your profile & creates opportunities to find you as many jobs as possible you can apply for.

Getting a job is dependent on various factors like the number of openings with an employer, candidate experience, the candidate’s willingness to re-locate, the interview process, and many more. But we will help you with our platform features to get the job opportunities quickly & easily.

Will I be Spammed?

Absolutely not. We are against spamming too. The only email communication (no calls)  you will be receiving from our site are:

  • Job alerts you created (which you can easily manage from your dashboard).
  • Account related notifications (Job application status, employer contacting you, etc).
  • Any system based notifications. (Password change etc.)
  • any package order notifications (Only if applicable to you).
  • & occasionally some cloud-related newsletters (Only if you subscribe).

We also make your profile page & details by default hidden from unwanted viewers or for any unauthorized scraping. And only logged-in employers can view your complete profile page. Keep this in mind if you mentioned any communication channel in your profile, employers can contact you in relation to their job opening.

You can also temporarily hide your profile from your dashboard if you are not searching for any jobs but it will also completely make you profile hidden from all the employers on our platform as well & you could miss major job opportunities.

If you find anyone spamming you from our platform or by our brand name, do not hesitate to report us back.